Introduction to Meta-analyses and Systematic reviews

FRB-CESAB & UMS PatriNat training course

Joseph Langridge (FRB) , Damien Beillouin (Cirad HortSys) , Jonathan Bonfanti (INRAe Eco&Sols) , C. Sylvie Campagne (Station Biologique de Roscoff) , Nicolas Casajus (FRB-CESAB) , Frédéric Gosselin (INRAe) , Dakis-Yaoba Ouédraogo (UMS PatriNat) , Romain Sordello (UMS PatriNat)

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The objective of this five-day training course, co-organized by the FRB-CESAB and the UMS PatriNat is to train young researchers on the methods and techniques of meta-analyses and systematic reviews/maps applied to the field of biodiversity.

N.B. This training course is in French, but some slides are available in English in the tab Courses/.


Monday Icebreaker & Introduction to the week
Introduction to knowledge synthesis
The systematic review protocols
Bibliographic databases (Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar)
Formulation of the search equation (PECO/PICO approach)
Constitution of the corpus (Zotero, Mendeley)
Corpus cleaning
Tuesday Article screening: systematic methods
Article selection: eligibility criteria
Metadata extraction
Qualitative synthesis and data visualization
Wednesday Critical appraisal: understanding its importance
How to calculate an effect-sizes?
Quantitative data extraction: what tools are available?
Quantitative synthesis: visualizing the data (forest plots, etc.)
Risk of bias and interpretation of meta-analysis results
Thursday Subgroups projects
Friday Subgroups projects


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Langridge J, Beillouin D, Bonfanti J, Campagne CS, Casajus N, Gosselin F, Ouédraogo D-Y & Sordello R (2023) FRB-CESAB & UMS PatriNat training course: Introduction to meta-analyses and systematic reviews.


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